Update on Resh Mill Preserve

Dear Friends of Resh Mill Preserve. It is with great disappointment that we report the results of the recent CZMP rezoning for Baltimore County. Our County Councilman, Wade Kach, led the Baltimore County Council vote to change the zoning of half our property, thus making it impossible to go forward as a conservation burial site. He voted this way despite recommendations otherwise by the County Planning Staff and the Planning Board, as well as several community and conservation groups. He voted this way despite having sponsored the original bill to create the use in the first place. A small opposition group formed last year very effectively used lies, exaggerations and fear mongering to garner support. After numerous hearings and meetings it became clear that our straight forward, honest approach would not be sufficient to counter their misinformation and unscientific claims. We appreciate all of the friends who wrote in and testified on behalf of this project. We will continue to look for ways to move forward.

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5 Responses to Update on Resh Mill Preserve

  1. Jane Berkow says:

    Needless to say, this IS very disappointing news. I am so sorry it ended this way after all your investment of blood, sweat and tears-not to mention your money. It is a great dream and it appears it is destined not to be at this location. It is too bad that small minds and fear brought this down. I hold out the hope that we can find another piece of land with a greater possibility of success. We certainly learned a lot along the way which we can apply toward the future.


  2. janeberkow says:

    Needless to say this IS very disappointing news. You certainly invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears- not to mention your money in this initiative. You had a beautiful dream and it is a shame that small minds, fear and bad faith politics brought it to an end. My hope is that another property can be found with a greater prospect of success. We certainly learned a lot along the way which can be applied to any future endeavor. I am so sorry!


  3. BSON ANDER says:

    Devastating outcome, this is just so NOT right.


  4. thatbon@comcast.net says:

    This is devastating news and so NOT right.


  5. Claudia R Wyant says:

    Please keep us informed as what we can do as citizens to help. Your property, your rights, such a noble cause! I prefer to leave this world helping to conserve the land. Thank you for being an inspiration!


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