Notes of support for Resh Mill

The Board of Directors of the Freeland Community Association has moved and voted unanimously to support the efforts of Resh Mill Preserve to create a conservation burial ground. We oppose the petitioned zoning change (3-016) to the Resh Mill property, as the current RC-8 zoning was created specifically for such an environmentally sensitive geography in the rural landscape, and is appropriate for that property and similarly situated properties.
Using part of this property for a conservation burial ground allows a unique opportunity to preserve and protect environmentally sensitive areas, open space, and rural land in general – at absolutely no taxpayer expense.
This property has been petitioned for rezoning solely because of opposition to the owners’ intentions to create a natural burial ground on the areas of the property that can safely support this use.
This use was codified in law by the Baltimore County Council with the passage of Bill 6-15, and further defined with the passage of Bill 50-15, and can be sought via the Special Exception process, which requires opportunity for community input, and a hearing before an administrative judge, who must then approve or deny the request.
Natural burial, in conjunction with conservation easements, offers a means to not only preserve rural land, but to provide resources that will enable environmental remediation in areas that may have been degraded in the past. 2/15

I have wished for this to come to Maryland for a long time. I have expressed this last wish to my daughter for many years.I am on disability and an expensive burial for me is out of the question .I have no desire to be cremated due to my religious beliefs.I hope this kind of burial will catch on for our earths sake and ours.God bless you on your progress. 3/8/15

This is what I’ve been looking for!!! 3/4/15

I recently read your articles and drove by the location. A beautiful setting! Coming from Rockville, and an environmentally friendly family, I know we will want to be buried here! 2/27/15

I am interested in this type of burial because it is not only considerably more environmentally friendly than traditional burial, but it also costs a fraction of the price.
Several generations of my family are interred at Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore City, including my grandfather, Governor Theodore R. McKeldin. While I appreciate the beauty of Greenmount and understand why it’s an appropriate place for my grandfather in particular, I feel much more aligned with the philosophy of green burial.
My husband and I are planning to purchase sites at Resh Mill Preserve in Baltimore County as soon as they become available, … 2/27/15

I attended the working session at the courthouse in Towson and was so impressed and grateful. Thank you for initiating this!!!!! I’d love to be a part of this in some way. 2/24/15

This would be a blessing and is the way burials should be. I have a lot of reasons to feel this way and would be willing to speak publicly in support of this. I am hopeful this would be affordable and an alternative to cremation (which is a great option for many), but my husband and I both would prefer the natural process of decay. I can tell you first hand of the heavy handed approach of burial regulations I went through when as a 19 year I had to bury my father & pay for a vault etc. Even at that young age I realized what a boon it was for the funeral directors business. We live near Hampstead, in Carroll County and would like to see this become a reality. 2/21/15

I’m pleased to hear a local group is attempting to bring natural burials to our area. Please add me to your mailing list and let me know when a reservation of a couple of spaces in Resh Mill may be available. I’d like to be planted under a red oak sapling when the time comes, and “feed the tree”. 2/21/15

My wife and I are really interested in your endeavor and following your progress. When the weather turns nice and spring finally comes we look forward to a visit. We hope to be able to support your efforts. Reisterstown 2/21/15

Just wanted to drop you a note because I read the article in the Baltimore Sun about the natural burials and I think you are doing a wonderful thing.
What a beautiful way to preserve the land. 2/21/15

I believe in the vision of a natural burial completely and would be very interested in purchasing a burial site once available and working with you in the meantime to insure that this project is complete. Please keep me up to date on the status of the project and let me know any ways that I can help to support you work. 2/19/15

This is so great! I hope it becomes the first of more to come. 2/9/15

Dear Resh Mill,
> So pleased to see the article in the Baltimore Sun today! I am a lifelong Maryland resident and my husband and I have lived in Harford Co. for over 26 years. We have often joked that we just want to be dropped “in our backyard compost pile”, to help the garden grow. But, of course, that can’t be done. So, I would love to be included in receiving updates on future plans at Resh Mill. The idea of going back to nature, is exactly what we want. We have been considering “green” cremation and wonder if we were to go that route, could ashes then be interred at Resh Mill? Again, lots to think about, but thank you, so very much, for working towards this approach to the end of life.
> Best of luck – we’ll be watching and hoping that your wonderful plans come to fruition.

My husband and I are fairly healthy and in our 50’s, so, hopefully, this event is a few years down the road :-), but we all know that life can throw you, when you least expect it! We do know that we want to be as “green” as possible when we depart – leaving only footsteps and memories. We are nature lovers and birders, so the idea of being left to become part of the woods and fields has great comfort and appeal. When I saw that this was a possibility so close to home, I knew it could be the perfect solution. 2/10/15

Interested in purchasing burial rights when available. Please keep me informed. Thanks!

Interested in buying a “spot” for burial. Thanks 2/9/15

I would like to be on your mailing list and hope to join a walk soon. 1/23/15

I live in Prince George’s County Maryland and am interested in learning more about your project. Please let me know when walks/ visits are scheduled. 1/6/15